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Alcarbon S.A.
Exportacion & Importacion Const.
Colon Zona Libre de Colon

Zona Procesadora Fort Davis, Manzana 7, Lote 2
Provincia de Colon,
Repuclica de Panama

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alcarbon cuba marabu charcoal 

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Charcoal is a combustible solid material that gets from the heating of woods to close temperatures to the 700 degrees Celsius, in the absence of air, this process of production begins at ovens. In the event of the craft traditional oven, he has to do with a process that comes true open-cast. First the wood piled upwith straw and land is lined, next the wood smoulders during 10 or 12 days, to become vegetal coal. The conversion among the wooden utilized quantity and the quantity of resulting charcoal comes from approximately 4 tons of firewood for 1,5 of coal. After the coal of ovens was extracted, it is transferred to centers of beneficial where it is selected or benefit of manual form or with machine, getting finally packed in polipropileno's bags of 20 kg sealed sewn by hand or machine. About products

During the past 5 years, Alcarbon has maintained a subsidiary at Cuban territory, where several specialists that guarantee the control and supervision of the quality of this exportable item labor, keeping in touch with productive companies and exporters from Cuba. Our company has maintained during all these years, a solid and increasing commercial relation with his european clients, consolidating important niches in the markets from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Saaudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. The more frequent consumers of our coal are some chains of hotels, restaurants, kebaps restaurants, sisha, hookah and a less important no family sector that utilizes it in barbecued beefs or grills, die the exquisite aroma and taste of the final product.                          Worldwide delivery

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Exportacion & Importacion Carbon Vegetal